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Randall Hunt


About Randall

Randall Hunt is the acting CEO of the Athletic Apex Enterprise. Born and raised in Compton, California, Randall fell in love with the game of golf as a child when he saw a tournament on television. Lacking the means to cut his teeth on golf at the expensive golf clubs, Randall headed out to the local library to get some resources on technique, and out to a dirt field to practice his swing.

After 10,000 hours of trial and error, Randall rose to the ranks of one of the top junior golfers in the world, earning him a full-ride golf scholarship to Pepperdine University, a Division 1 NCAA National Champion program. During his time in college, Randall endured a car accident that left his right arm partially paralyzed and inoperational. Doctors said he wouldn’t ever regain use of it again, and pain was going to follow him around for the rest of his life. With this in mind, Randall followed the spirit of innovation as it led him back to the building blocks, and he taught himself everything he could about the possibilities of the human body. From there – and through a lot more trial and error – he developed a Bionetic system that allowed him to regain full use of his right arm with no pain.

“I learned to golf by checking out golf instructional books from the local library and hitting golf balls in a dirt field. After my injury, it was the same process: learn how to heal yourself by hitting the books and self-educating. Take the responsibility upon yourself to make your future better.” – Randall Hunt

Since then, Randall Hunt’s innovative technology has been utilized by the United States Olympic Training Center and some of the greatest athletes in the world.

In his spare time, Randall enjoys aviation, and he was appointed by the Governor of Florida into the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority Board which oversees more than 21,000 employees and $4 billion in assets.

From there, Randall hit the course again and started, once again, competing in and winning golf tournaments on a national and international level. Most of all, he loves spending time with his wife, children, and focusing on the community around him. Armed with his spirit of innovation, Randall uses the resources he’s built along the way with Apex to help the people he encounters. Over the years, Randall he’s been hired by some of the leading equipment manufacturers in the health and fitness industry to develop and design some of the most innovative equipment pieces in the industry. Randall’s health clubs are an accumulation of the best biomechanically sound equipment and programming that he’s been a part of over the years.







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